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Annabelle Smith

Annabelle Smith is a sculptor and a painter.

Her working media can be clay, watercolour, acrylic, pencil, pen and ink or threads and fabrics.

Her inspiration is very varied, from contact sports such as Cumberland & Westmorland wrestling to beach huts, boats & reclining figures. These subjects reflect her interest in figurative art, sport and also includes memories of holidays, both here and abroad.

The sculptures are original, hand-built from grogged stoneware, fired solid then decorated with coloured underglazes or coated with a bronze/pewter vitreous glaze .

Her mini figures are hand carved porcelain. They are a completely different challenge of subject and scale

Annabelle’s love of art goes back to school days after which she furthered her studies at college in Manchester becoming a Primary school teacher for many years . She then went on to art college in Carlisle & completed a ‘craft/design’ degree. This provided a marvelous opportunity to experiment with different techniques and media; something that she still likes to do.

She works from a studio at home in Wigton and is a member of The Waverton Art Group and the Fountain Gallery


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