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Emma Scott

Jewellery Designer & Maker

I am a self-taught experimenter, mad scientist, whimsical creator, artificer type. A girl in goggles. I always wanted to be a blacksmith; as it turns out, being a jewellery designer and maker suits me so much better. (The hammers are smaller!)



I love miniatures, tiny worlds within worlds and delight in micro details, rock pools, mossy logs, the underside of a leaf, a whole galaxy formed around a pebble. My fascination with these natural treasures comes through in my work.



I pick up my materials and start from there. I rarely design anything on paper and when I do the finished result hardly ever turns out like the design, I always go off on a tangent, but it usually turns out for the best.


My Jewellery

I want to enchant people with my jewellery. If I can share just a little bit of my magic through my work, then that's a piece I can be proud of. 



All of my precious metals are sourced in Britain and the gemstones I use come from from all over the world. Working with everything from enamel to black diamonds, I create wearable art using ancient methods and modern solutions.

Shop for my work in my online store here


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