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Anne Kelly

I didn’t start painting until the late 1990s, when a friend persuaded me to join her at an art class. I have been painting ever since. Initially, I concentrated on watercolours with close observation of flowers. When I moved to live in Madrid, I joined an art studio, where I was

encouraged to expand my range of media and subjects.

Most of my recent pieces have been in acrylic. There is generally a selection for sale at the gallery. Some of my work has been reproduced in high quality giclee prints.

I have a large selection of professionally produced cards for sale in the gallery.

I enjoy bringing geometric shapes into my paintings, as in this example of Skiddaw

I also enjoy using bright colours which are not as seen in reality. This is Rickerby Park in Carlisle.

This painting of Borrowdale uses a

colourful palate and has an impressionist style.

Another technique that I enjoy using is to produce a painting with a variety of aspects of a landscape. Here I have three views of Halls Fell Ridge on Blencathra.


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