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Anthony Smith

I had trained to be a mountaineer and rock climbing instructor in my free time back in the day. Like

many, I always felt a connection with nature and I am always happiest when I escaped into it.

I took snaps with my camera whilst hiking to record what I saw on my adventures. I never shared

them, they where my little experiences.

I had the opportunity as an expedition photographer in Africa. This was the pivotal moment in my life.

When I got back I now knew what I loved most and wanted more of . It has took many years to put

my finger exactly on what it was I loved so much. It is simply to Explore!

Photography to me has become a way to communicate what I felt, the story in my head, what caught

my attention.

The pictures remains deeply personal to me yet I share them now, I hope you can feel what I felt and

the reason I chose, out of thousands of moments, to capture that moment in time!


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