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Hilary Harrison

​Hilary moved to Cumbria from Cambridgeshire in 2002 to attend Cumbria Institute of the Arts where she studied for a degree in Applied Arts. She now lives in Cumbria and works from home making thrown, hand built and slip cast work. In 2012 she joined The Fountain Gallery in Wigton as a founder member. It has proved to be a showcase for the work of local artists and is the main retail outlet for her work.

Hilary also has work in the Daffodil Lane Gallery, Carlisle, which opened in October, 2017.

The inspiration for her current work is taken from fabrics, wallpaper and patterns of the 1950’s. Both hand built and thrown work are decorated with slips that are applied by monoprinting, or by hand painting.

Her interest in ceramics began when she attended evening classes starting in the 1970’s. This extended into her work as an infant teacher where pottery making was encouraged amongst all staff, and in a school that had a large kiln.


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