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Wendy Graham

​Wendy was born, quite a long time ago, in Kendal, where much of her youth was spent either riding or drawing horses. After university at Aberdeen and Cambridge she earned her living as an English teacher, moving to Wigton for this purpose in 1972. She is still living there and occupies the house which was formerly owned by her grandparents. A sideways career step led her into Learning Support work and she specialised in helping pupils with dyslexia. During this time art rather took a back seat, although it was not forgotten and, while only lightly employed in the late 1980s, she took (and passed) the “A” level art exam. Since her retirement in 2006 she is once again painting and drawing seriously and extensively – that is when she is not bellringing, lavishing affection on her cats or wallowing in her hot-tub. Photography is another interest. Exotic travel and all animals are further passions and these, separately or together, are frequently the inspiration for her paintings and photographs. She likes to experiment with colour and pattern, while acrylics and pastels are her preferred media. Wendy is a member of Waverton Art Group and studies with Brian Campbell.

1 Park Square




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